Prompt Based Apps

Share your prompt ideas and iterate on responses. Privately share them with your team. Deploy to Gmail, as internal tools, in your app, as a GPT plugin, and more.

Works with ChatGPT 3.5/4 & DALLĀ·E 2. More coming soon.

Create & Share Prompt Based Apps

Share live links to test your prompt ideas. Capture user data and return prompt-based responses. It's the fastest way to get your prompt-driven application live.

Works with ChatGPT, GPT3.5, GPT4, and more coming soon.
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Professional Prompt Engineering

Upgrade your prompt engineering experience. All features available to Pro users only during Preview.

  • Share Prompt Ideas

    Share prompt ideas with co-workers, beta testers, friends, and more. It's easy for anyone to view prompt results, provide feedback, and test out results while adding their own Subject Matter Expertise.

  • PRO

    Private Sharing

    Share prompts just within your own team or org. Work together on shared prompt libraries. Add context with descriptions and use-cases. Keep everyone up to date. Control and share prompts with enginering, customer support, operations, etc. 

  • Unit Tests

    Iterate faster by automatically running prompts against test cases. Plus manage regression and improve peace of mind. Build test cases from human feedback.

  • Pro

    Deploy Endpoints

    Production ready Endpoints for Classification, Text Extraction, Generation, Summarization, Autocompletion, and virtually anything you can dream of.

  • Pro

    Fine Tune

    Use existing prompt sets and fine tune from user feedback. Automatically create Fine Tune sets from data captured in Deploy Prompt. Reach new performance goes and saves on per prompt tokens.

  • Human Supervision

    Advanced human supervision and rating for Reinforcement Learning (e.g. RLHF) and Fine Tuning. Including deep integration with open source Diffgram.

  • Deploy as a chatGPT Plugin

     Populates the `description_for_model` field in the manifest. Professional way to build and manage Plugin functions across multiple use cases.

  • PRO


    Collect user feedback on prompts, results, and more. Conduct prompt experiments.

More Features

  • Compare Variants

    Compare variants, A/B test, and more.

  • Monitoring & Control

    Rate limit prompts, turn on and off prompts, and more. Set team and app limits to control costs.

  • Pro

    Deploy through Extensions

    Chrome, slack, email, PDF, and more.

  • Foundation Models

    Works with Cohere, AI21, OpenAI, Bloom, and other option source options.

  • LangChain

    Works with your favoriate tools like LangChain, LlamaIndex (GPT Index), Dust and more

  • Multi-Modal

    Text, images, and more.

  • Log & Persist Results

    Persist end user results, log and visually inspect results.

  • Community Prompts

    Tap into endless inspiration with curated prompts across industries. Supercharge creativity, optimize workflows, and achieve exceptional content.

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